Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of School

Balloon Festival

We had a Balloon Festival here last weekend. Though it didn't compare to the annual Balloon Festival in Sussex, it did afford our choir and Youth Band another opportunity to go into the community, share music and share Christ. Here are some pics of Grace watching the process of getting a hot air balloon into the air.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some of my Favorite Summer Pictures

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Great Daddy

My husband is a great husband. He is also a great Daddy. He is thoughtful, considerate, fun and creative in showing us that he loves us. This is a pancake. It is shaped like an 8. Scott decided 7 years ago to commemorate birthdays with a breakfast, complete with a pancake representing the number birthday we are celebrating. The kids love it. I love my husband. He is a great husband and a great Daddy.

Mackenzie's 8th Birthday

Mackenzie turned 8 on February 3rd. We had a morning party...breakfast and a mystery to solve for all of the junior detectives he invited. They did a great job compiling evidence, pouring over newspaper and police reports, identifying shoeprints and locks of hair and a single ribbon left at the scene of the crime. They finally determined the identity of the "Sweet Thief", who had made off with a bundle of chocolate coins intended for the party. Surprise, surprise, the culprit was none other than Laura Mitchell! It seems as though her dislike of all things sweet has been a ruse all along. Fortunately for the partiers, the chocolate was confiscated from Miss Mitchell before the party finished.

Orlando Vacation (Jan. '07)

We had such a fantastic vacation together. It had been more than 8 years since we'd really been away to relax alone together, and we'd certainly never been on a trip like this one. It started with the Wesleyan Pastors' Convention. Many of the speakers were excellent, and ot was nice to see so many Atlantic District people helping to lead in Worship. Best of all, though, was the opportunity to re-connect with one another away from the church and away from the kids.

Our real vacation started when the convention finished and we headed to Disney for 8 days. We had the awesome priviledge of staying in 2 different Disney Resorts (Old Key West, and Saratoga Springs), and visiting all of the parks. We kept very busy, and took advantage of the extended hours that Disney Resort guests get before and after regular park hours. Each park had different things we really enjoyed: Mission Space and Soaring at Epcot, along with lots of great food in the World Showcase (and just FYI, the Canadians know how to party the best there!); Everest Roller Coaster, A Bug's Life, Rainforest Cafe, the Safari and Lion King at Animal Kingdom; Tower of Terror, Fantasmic Light Show and the Muppets at MGM; Cnderella's Castle and Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

We really enjoyed Downtown Disney, and spent quite a bit of time wandering the shops there. We loved eating at the Irish Pub on Pleasure Island, with a great Celtic Band (SO reminded us of home in Halifax!). And our highlight event was Cirque du Soleil!! We had 2nd row center seats, and we were amazed by all there was to see! What a blessing to be able to do so much!!

We enjoyed every minute, and recognized every minute as an abundant blessing from the Lord.

We also had a great opportunity to worship at a church in Orlando, and to hear John Bevere preach. SO good!

All in all, it was our best time together to date. Here's to more in the future! :()

Please scroll down through the next several posts. There are lots of Orlando pictures.

Our second Disney Resort...Saratoga Springs

Our balcony view

For Grace

For the boys

Orlando Vacation (Jan. '07)

Pictures for the kiddos

Universal....we LOVE Jimmy!

The Hulk....we did this coaster 4 times in half an hour!